green_man_2010 (green_man_2010) wrote in green_party_uk,

Seen this ?

Our new Party Political Broadcast.

It also contains a link to a survey where people are asked to choose the policies they liike, with no reference to the party that puts it forward.
Ok, youmay spot a BNP policy a mile off, even when couched in neutral terms, but you would be suprised how many people find that they actually agree with the Greens, once they stop thinking in terms of their own party loyalties. just click on the ' policy matchmaker box on the left hand side  ( where else ? )    :)

Take the test yourself - pass the link  on to freinds - let's make this go viral. they say that we won't see the next revolution happen on TV , we will see it on the internet.
ii do believe the next revolution is happening right now. We are going to see the first green MPs in Westminster this year, i I want to be one of those who can say " I helped to make it happen".

British Politics -
turn it Green, make it clean.
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Ha, 86% Green Party is Me it seems, Though I'll bet if I try on the other parties sites they'll have different questions and it'll total up to more that the "usual" 100% whole ?

PS. I'd expect fewer typos from any party hoping to make progress in elections, Hell isn't it bad enough that the government bodies that count are not using SI units, prefering the American Billion to our own?
However I find that it keeps getting ignored in political commentary... BBC went over a number of sites, including Votematch, and nicely missed voteforepolicies...
nicely missed voteforepolicies...

Can't say I'm surprised, the site is plain, boring, awfully long-winded and takes forever to load, the BBC viewers and the general population in general has no attention-span anymore.