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Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
8:50 pm
One way to tackle world poverty
As a member of the Gren party, I strongly feel that Greens should be in on this, leading the fight from the front. please , check out the website, spread the word and get involved.

Urgent action is needed from the new government as, in just over 100 days, world leaders including David Cameron will come together in New York for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit - a critical meeting on global poverty.

Leaders at the meeting will review progress and determine how to meet the goals, which were international targets created in 2000 to halve world poverty by 2015.

As part of the MDGs UN member states committed to halving the proportion of people without sanitation by 2015. However, the world is currently 30 years off its global target and a shocking 200 years off target in sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation and 884 million do not have access to safe water. The resulting diarrhoeal diseases kill 4,000 children a day. This is a global crisis that left untackled will continue to undermine all development efforts.

Rhian Lewis, Campaigns Officer, said: "It is vital that we create a strong united voice to encourage Prime Minister David Cameron, in his first 100 days, to prioritise this crisis and increase UK aid for sanitation, water and hygiene across the developing world.

"Overcoming poverty starts with giving people access to toilets. For every £1 governments invest in sanitation and water, an £8 economic return is generated thanks to lower death rates, fewer healthcare costs and increased productivity as more people are able to get an education and earn a living.

"We have a crucial window of opportunity to demand action from our Government – but we need to act now."

To get involved, follow the link. There are other sites available, so click 'USA' or wherever you are from the list of options on the page

Remember, all the food in the world won't save you if you are dying from dysentry.
Although I am critical of government giving aid to other governments, NGOs like WaterAid, by going and sending volunteers to lead the effort, make a real impact on world problems. A clean water supply and effective sanitation are two of the keystones that we can sand should put in place.

This is not the only organisation out there of course. There will be other posts on other campaigns, as and when.
Monday, April 12th, 2010
12:14 pm
Seen this ?
Our new Party Political Broadcast.


It also contains a link to a survey where people are asked to choose the policies they liike, with no reference to the party that puts it forward.
Ok, youmay spot a BNP policy a mile off, even when couched in neutral terms, but you would be suprised how many people find that they actually agree with the Greens, once they stop thinking in terms of their own party loyalties. just click on the ' policy matchmaker box on the left hand side  ( where else ? )    :)

Take the test yourself - pass the link  on to freinds - let's make this go viral. they say that we won't see the next revolution happen on TV , we will see it on the internet.
ii do believe the next revolution is happening right now. We are going to see the first green MPs in Westminster this year, i I want to be one of those who can say " I helped to make it happen".

British Politics -
turn it Green, make it clean.
Saturday, April 10th, 2010
4:53 pm
London Greens put up a full slate!
The campaign has not started officially yet, but London has put up an unprecedented full slate for every constituency in the capital.


As it happens, I am one of those selected to represent one of the constituencies in the London Borough of Havering. On May the 6th, I will be standing in Romford.

In coming weeks, I will be on the election trail, and posting in my own personal blog about it.  <lj-cut>

It is also encouraging to see Caroline Lucas appearing on Question Time on the BBC, I really think that we can expect to win seats in Westminster this time.

It's easy to talk about your chances when everyone has heard of you and you have got battalions of big business backers in support. it is much harder to stand up to the majority, to buck the trend  and go with your convictions iinstead of conventional wisdom.

Conventional wisdom says that we will always have a two party system, and that we are wasting our time in talking about change. Conventional wisdom would have us ' go with the flow' and pin our hopes on the "main parties"  to save us from the mess that they caused. Bt we know they will never deliver the sort of world we want to see - I say we have got to be brave and brace ourselves. we have to struggle and swim against the tide if we are ever going to get where we really want to be. And slowly - we are getting there. We have more Greens , up and down the country in local councils than ever before. Let us not be down hearted, but go out and do what we know needs to be done.

I am putting up 500 quid of my own money -  because I am sure that  I am doing the right thing. And I ask all Greens in and  around Romford to assist me if they will.

I am not a professional politician, I am an activist. For decades I have campaigned - for FoE, for Oxfam, for Greenpeace.  When I lived in Reading in Berkshire, back in the 80s, I co - founded Reading RESULTS, and lobbied MPs on behalf of Save the Children Fund, IFAD,  and other agencies. I want to use my experience now, not to try to influence MPs in Westminster from the sidelines, but to get into the House of Commons. Today, I don't want to take the Green agenda to my local MP  just to have him stick it among his other paperwork - Ii want to take it to the floor of the House of Commons, where it really belongs.

I am 53, and hold down a full time job with London Underground. It will not be easy for me to get out every single day and do all the stuff that the incumbent MP can do, but I do intend to put up as  good a fight as I can - for the Green Party, for the people of Romford, and the people of Great Britain.

I hope that some people reading this will be willing and able to join me in what promises to be a historic campaign. I want to be part of it, and I hope you do too. Because this is the closest election for decades - perhaps of our generation. It will make history by admitting our first Green MPs, who will surely go on to change British politics like never before since the Labour Party came to power in the early years of the last century.. This is not some lost but gallant cause we are fighting for. This is a party and a philosophy whose time has come !
Environmental issues are the issues of the day,  a sustainable , eco - friendly economy is the future of British politics, and the Greens are the only party for whom these are not  'add ons' but are essentials!

 Those of us who took part in this historic struggle - who made the breakthrough and put those first Green MPs  into Westminster - they  will be proud to say in years to come - " Yes, I was there - I saw it happen, and I was one of those  who helped to make it happen!"

Take a look at my journal, if you want to get involved. I hope to be out and about whenever possible, delivering leaflets, handing out invites to Green events, talking to journalists and doing anything that needs doing to get across the Green message to  the voters I meet..
If you do not happen to be close to Romford , please go out and support your local Green candidate, wheerever in britain yo happen to be. If there is no Green candidate to vote for, see to it that all  your other candidates get the Green message.
Please, join me if you can. Let's build a better Britain and a  brighter future together.
Thursday, January 14th, 2010
3:26 pm
Wakey Wakey! Rise, and Shine!

Have the Green Party in the UK expired? Maybe all the fumes from exhausts are putting you into a coma?
Why are there so few candidates?
Why no strong sense of direction???
The future is there for you, shining and bright,
so go get it! And help others to realise their dreams / aspirations for a Green world.
Come on now!

Current Mood: energetic
Sunday, September 7th, 2008
4:51 pm
COyou2 - Saving the planet one breath at a time
This site looks interesting, it's talking about personal carbon capture and storage as a strategy to prevent climate change:

"Did you know that human beings themselves are major emitters of carbon dioxide? We all know about reducing our electricity consumption and taking fewer flights, but isn’t all this a little pointless when one basic, everyday activity cancels it all out?

Each day every human being breathes out an average of 1 kg of CO2. That’s 0.38 tonnes a year. Now multiply that by 6.7 billion! That’s a lot of CO2.

COyou2 person carbon capture systems allow you to store that CO2 and do your bit to stop climate change. The COyou2 patented technology works by filtering the air you breathe out, capturing the carbon in a convenient lightweight backpack.

That’s why we all need to use personal carbon capture systems. At the end of the day, there are 21 million of us and only one government – so what are you waiting for?"

I've just ordered a catalogue, it's definitely worth checking out, after all, every little thing makes a difference. I never thought about human beings as being responsible for major carbon emissions, but I'm always looking for ways to lessen my carbon footprint.

What do you guys think?

4:50 pm
COyou2 - Saving the planet one breath at a time
This site looks interesting, it's talking about personal carbon capture and storage as a strategy to prevent climate change:

"Did you know that human beings themselves are major emitters of carbon dioxide? We all know about reducing our electricity consumption and taking fewer flights, but isn’t all this a little pointless when one basic, everyday activity cancels it all out?

Each day every human being breathes out an average of 1 kg of CO2. That’s 0.38 tonnes a year. Now multiply that by 6.7 billion! That’s a lot of CO2.

COyou2 person carbon capture systems allow you to store that CO2 and do your bit to stop climate change. The COyou2 patented technology works by filtering the air you breathe out, capturing the carbon in a convenient lightweight backpack.

That’s why we all need to use personal carbon capture systems. At the end of the day, there are 21 million of us and only one government – so what are you waiting for?"

I've just ordered a catalogue, it's definitely worth checking out, after all, every little thing makes a difference. I never thought about human beings as being responsible for major carbon emissions, but I'm always looking for ways to lessen my carbon footprint.

What do you guys think?
Monday, June 23rd, 2008
5:10 am
Info request, possible corruption of a charity.
I wonder if anyone her can assist?

A charity I used to be associated with,

1) changed it's constitution to effectively disuade one person from becoming a committee member, Then it's chair broke the constitution himself as soon as he found a sycophant said chair may have use of.

2) Is it usual for All Committe members to retain their seats (and position within the committee) indefinately, given that the members have no vote now for who holds a position, voting only allows members to vote for who retains their position?

3) Is it usual for a constitution to declare that only 1/3rd of committee members can be up for re-election at a time.

4) Is it usual for nepotism, poor acounting (ie not everything expenses wise is listed, and many of the listed items are not listed as to what they are, mostly it's down as "CASH".


5) Where there is nepotism on such a committee, lack of accountability (and accounts) and the 3 top positions ie, chair,(No vice chair because the chair insists no vice is needed, secretary, and Bookkeeper, are all PAID TRUSTEES, Who's fees are not declared in any of the Accounts provided to the charities commission for the last 10 years, The Chair seems to insiste everything is done as he says, no fundraising schemes get past the chair (apparently there's no need for fundraising in a charity who's accounts have gone downhill over the last 5 years as has the service, and even though the charity suggests its to help a group of people with information and training, every mail that offers this is discarded by the chair suggesting it's of no interest to them.

It's My belief that this charity is and has been run by the chair and family members for personal gains for quite some time now, but the lack of fundraising, realy beats me (would Q's be asked if donators were found?) I know well that gift donations by way of Xmas raffle prizes have been misappropriated in previous years, but with only 1 other witness, I'm at a loss of what to do before those who do rely on the charity get screwed over and left with no help at all.

Any advice please?

Current Mood: pessimistic
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
11:24 am
A new workers co op - members wanted!
A friend of mine is into growing his own food - organically. He has also got a few neighbuors on board and wants to set up a workers co operative.

Now, we are the stage where we are looking to get the cash and buy some land - so if anyone wants to invest in an organic food producing workers co-op, this is where to start.

Send me an IM or e-mail, and I will post more details.
Apart from people willing to invest cash, we are also looking to find people who can add to our expertise in marketing, as well as people with know-how in legal and co-op mangement matters. naturally, we are looking to recruit people who share our ethos, rather than simply people who have cash and want to make a fast buck. That is why we I am posting here.

Me, I decided when I heard about this that it was something both green and ethical, so I have decided to put some of my money where my mouht was. To be the change that I want to see happen . The chap actually running the show is a member of this community as well as a UK Green Party member. I expect he will be along shortly to answer any questions in more detail.

Anyone who wants to take this further can contact me on IM in the first instance.
Sunday, April 20th, 2008
3:57 pm
the Campaign for Integrated Sustainability
 Hi everyone, we're trying to exchange information and help take action on various environmental issues, there are some interesting and informative articles in our blog and just thought some of you might wish to check out what we do and share your thoughts and information with us,

Best wishes from the Cfis
Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
1:28 pm
Petition for a greener future :)
Hiya everyone, I thought many of you would be interested in this petition lodged with parliament, I've been trying to encourage others to sign as I think it's worth supporting. It asks that public companies use post-consumer recycled paper instead of paper from trees
It can be found here:
hope this takes your interest, the full text is as follows:
Adopting a policy whereby all paper used by public companies is post-consumer recycled paper from British sources would: 1) Create an untold number of jobs domestically in the recycling industry. 2) At little inconvenience make a huge leap towards the enironmental sustainability of our county. 3) Be a milestone that made headlines, paving the way for other nations to follow. 4) Set a good example for children in schools, public sector employees, private corporations and other nations. 5) Protect our fragile environment and wildlife, as well as yielding many other benefits.
The current system of take/make/throw away is doing the world little good, destroying the life of humans and animals alike. Cutting down trees to make paper when there are better alternatives results in a reduction in the quality of our air. Sustainable forrests dry the land, robbing it of resources and preventing it from sustaining life therefore they are not an apt solution, neither are many of the recycling processes which use bleach or chlorine, and so it is post-consumer recycled paper (preferably from British sources) which is prescribed to deal with this problem.
If you know any hippies, greenies or other people who might be interested you can always forward the link along,
Cheers! :-)

(You can find the Campaign for Integrated Sustainability organisation, who started the petition at www.myspace.com/cfisuk)
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
1:28 am
...why was I unaware that the Green Party had someone in Congress?


This does put a new take on the election for me.

As did this: http://www.grist.org/feature/2007/07/06/candidates/
Monday, November 5th, 2007
10:49 am
How is everybody voting on the leadership referendum and why?
Saturday, July 7th, 2007
12:01 am
UCL Post Grad doing a survey on GP Members:


If you're interested. Added incentive is winning some Amazon vouchers.
Thursday, July 5th, 2007
12:31 pm

CALL for an intern (in the position of GYG office coordinator)
Location: Brussels
Duration: September, 3 to mid/end January 2008

You should :
-be between 20 and 35 years old
-be enrolled as a student (or graduation not before June 2007).

-4 months are paid with 650 Euro
-travel reimbursement of 70% (obligation to book as soon and cheap as possible)
-visa costs reimbursed
The intern has to cover from these payments the full period of stay: up to 5 months, his/her health insurance for the entire period unless covered by his/her university and all costs in Brussels and the travel costs from his/her country to Brussels. S/he will get a separate medical and accident insurance for "incidents" that happen in Brussels, on the spot, but chronic or long-term diseases are not covered)

What we expect :
- good knowledge of GYG, its goals, structures, working methods and weaknesses
- the person we are looking for should be a self-starter, able to work independently, pro-active, good networker, 100% reliable, flexible, posses strong communications and organizational skills
- fluent in spoken and written English, further languages such as French an asset
- strong IT skills, especially web design (or willingness and capability to acquire them by self-studies until internship)

Tasks include :
- coordination of GYG under the supervision of the SC
- office administration, answering and distributing emails, website and database updating, documentation of our activities
- devising and starting to implement GYG Fundraising and Public Relations strategy
- enhancing and building the organizational structure of GYG
- investigating into the expectations and needs of the GYG network and our members
- assistance in project and event management
- preparations of the GYG delegation to Brazil in May 2008

Female applicants are given precedence in case of equal qualification.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to the following email address: globalyounggreens@gmail.com until the 4th of July at the very latest (no exceptions).

Please feel free to circulate this call to your networks

I'd probably go for it if I wasn't at Uni...
11:43 am



GREEN MEP Caroline Lucas has hit out at the media after a poll revealed that
a majority of people in the UK believe that scientists aren’t agreed about
the facts of climate change – or that it is being caused by human activity.

According to latest figures by pollsters Ipsos-MORI, some 56 per cent of
respondents agreed with the statement: “Many leading experts still question
if human activity is contributing to climate change”. Just 22 per cent

Dr Lucas, who is a member of the European Parliament’s Environment and
Climate Change committees, said: “This is very worrying. Politicians will
never take the steps necessary to cut emissions unless voters demand that
they do so, and they won’t demand it if they remain sceptical about their
role in changing the climate in the first place.

“The media are, at least in part, to blame: their obsession with appearing
to be balanced means discussions of climate change tend to have a naysayer
arguing either that climate change isn’t happening, or that it isn’t
manmade, as though there is a serious ongoing scientific debate about this.

“But the fact is that there is an overwhelming scientific consensus on
climate change: almost every scientist in the world agrees that climate
change is happening, that it is being fuelled by human activity, and that
our best chance of ameliorating its worst impacts lies in dramatically
cutting global greenhouse gas emissions.

“By suggesting otherwise the media is, albeit inadvertently, promoting
dangerous scepticism about climate change – and undermining our chances of
doing anything about it.”

Dr Lucas, who was named Politician of the Year in the recent Observer
Ethical Awards 2007, likened climate change scepticism to holocaust denial.

“The media’s attempt to seem balanced is in fact distorting the public’s
understanding of perhaps the most pressing issue facing us all today – and
it’s tragic. It doesn’t make any sense: would the media insist on having a
holocaust-denier to balance any report about the second word war? Of course
not - but by insisting on giving so much airtime to climate change deniers,
it is doing exactly the same thing.”

*slaps head*

This kind of stupidity is certainly going to have made somebody leave the party.
Thursday, June 28th, 2007
6:42 pm
I guessed right, Hilary Benn is Environment Secretary. Hmmm. Best choice of those that there could be, remains to be seen what he will do. Thoughts?
Monday, June 11th, 2007
9:29 am
Education FYI
UK government rejects tests scrap call

The education secretary Alan Johnson said parents valued existing tests, rejecting evidence that they have adverse effects on children.

Calls to scrap part of the battery national exams sat by under-16s in England have been rejected by the Labour Government.

The General Teaching Council, an independent regulatory body, said tests were failing to raise standards and placed added stress on pupils.

But Johnson said that ditching the tests, which are sat at seven, 11 and 14, would be "profoundly wrong" in the face of this evidence.

He asserted that they had helped raise attainment and claimed the tests themselves provided transparency for the complex life of educational institutions, rather than the current system of OFSTED and LEA inspections, statutory reporting and school self assessment.

"Parents don't want to go back to a world where schools were closed institutions, no-one knew what was going on in them," he told the BBC, equating easy-to-understand annual test scores with accountability.

He also appeared to believe that the testing ensured learning: "Our responsibility is to ensure that our children leave school with a good grounding in English, Maths and Science." This flies in the face of recent reports. The GTC, which works to promote better standards of teaching, has submitted a report to the Commons Education and Skills Select Committee stating that the policy of national exams for the under-16s forces teachers to focus resources on how to pass tests instead of concentrating on a broader education.

"Evidence from teachers indicates that high stakes testing has a narrowing effect upon the curriculum, by moving the focus of curriculum delivery away from being broad and balanced to a narrower one based on test content," it says.

Keith Bartley, chief executive of the GTC, said: "Placing added stress on pupils, teachers and parents on a regular basis before that time is not creating the best environment for learning.

It suggests a check could be kept on standards by monitoring a sample of children in about 1% of primary schools and 3% of secondary schools.

"There are all sorts of malign effects from the current testing regime," said John Bangs, National Union of Teachers.

Despite this, the Department for Education said: "Parents need and greatly value the information they get from performance tables."

However, the government did announce in January that a pilot scheme would examine whether more frequent assessments could replace fixed testing.

A Green teacher said: "We need an education system which responds to evidence and puts young people first, rather than political objectives. Overtesting damages pupil confidence, distorts the curriculum and impairs learning. Weighing the crop doesn't make it any heavier."
Saturday, June 9th, 2007
9:10 pm
Does anyone know of a safe and envorimentally safe way to dispose of white spirits?
I have ben painting the house, and it says ' do not tip it down the drain'. Ok , so what *do* you do with white spirit, when you've used iot to clean your brushes?
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
7:08 pm
What's our policy on Grammar schools etc?
Saturday, May 26th, 2007
4:49 pm
"The US still has serious, fundamental concerns about this draft statement," a red-inked note reads.

"The treatment of climate change runs counter to our overall position and crosses 'multiple red lines' in terms of what we simply cannot agree to," it continues....

Correspondents say the document hints at a looming struggle over the issue of climate change at the G8 summit, to be held on 6-8 June in Heiligendamm, Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to use Germany's presidency of the G8 to secure a major climate change deal, including:

* Agreement to slow the rise in average temperatures this century to 2C

* A cut in global emissions by 50% below 1990 levels by 2050

* A rise in energy efficiency in power and transport by 20 percent by 2020.


So the US won't even agree to modest proposals?

Surely if the US is completely diplomatically isolated, all major trading nations cut off ties with them, the bully can in effect be bullied into accepting proposals? What is there to lose, if nations view the issue as fundamentally as they pretend they do? It's crazy.
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