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One way to tackle world poverty

As a member of the Gren party, I strongly feel that Greens should be in on this, leading the fight from the front. please , check out the website, spread the word and get involved.

Urgent action is needed from the new government as, in just over 100 days, world leaders including David Cameron will come together in New York for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit - a critical meeting on global poverty.

Leaders at the meeting will review progress and determine how to meet the goals, which were international targets created in 2000 to halve world poverty by 2015.

As part of the MDGs UN member states committed to halving the proportion of people without sanitation by 2015. However, the world is currently 30 years off its global target and a shocking 200 years off target in sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation and 884 million do not have access to safe water. The resulting diarrhoeal diseases kill 4,000 children a day. This is a global crisis that left untackled will continue to undermine all development efforts.

Rhian Lewis, Campaigns Officer, said: "It is vital that we create a strong united voice to encourage Prime Minister David Cameron, in his first 100 days, to prioritise this crisis and increase UK aid for sanitation, water and hygiene across the developing world.

"Overcoming poverty starts with giving people access to toilets. For every £1 governments invest in sanitation and water, an £8 economic return is generated thanks to lower death rates, fewer healthcare costs and increased productivity as more people are able to get an education and earn a living.

"We have a crucial window of opportunity to demand action from our Government – but we need to act now."

To get involved, follow the link. There are other sites available, so click 'USA' or wherever you are from the list of options on the page

Remember, all the food in the world won't save you if you are dying from dysentry.
Although I am critical of government giving aid to other governments, NGOs like WaterAid, by going and sending volunteers to lead the effort, make a real impact on world problems. A clean water supply and effective sanitation are two of the keystones that we can sand should put in place.

This is not the only organisation out there of course. There will be other posts on other campaigns, as and when.
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