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London Greens put up a full slate!

The campaign has not started officially yet, but London has put up an unprecedented full slate for every constituency in the capital.

As it happens, I am one of those selected to represent one of the constituencies in the London Borough of Havering. On May the 6th, I will be standing in Romford.

In coming weeks, I will be on the election trail, and posting in my own personal blog about it.  <lj-cut>

It is also encouraging to see Caroline Lucas appearing on Question Time on the BBC, I really think that we can expect to win seats in Westminster this time.

It's easy to talk about your chances when everyone has heard of you and you have got battalions of big business backers in support. it is much harder to stand up to the majority, to buck the trend  and go with your convictions iinstead of conventional wisdom.

Conventional wisdom says that we will always have a two party system, and that we are wasting our time in talking about change. Conventional wisdom would have us ' go with the flow' and pin our hopes on the "main parties"  to save us from the mess that they caused. Bt we know they will never deliver the sort of world we want to see - I say we have got to be brave and brace ourselves. we have to struggle and swim against the tide if we are ever going to get where we really want to be. And slowly - we are getting there. We have more Greens , up and down the country in local councils than ever before. Let us not be down hearted, but go out and do what we know needs to be done.

I am putting up 500 quid of my own money -  because I am sure that  I am doing the right thing. And I ask all Greens in and  around Romford to assist me if they will.

I am not a professional politician, I am an activist. For decades I have campaigned - for FoE, for Oxfam, for Greenpeace.  When I lived in Reading in Berkshire, back in the 80s, I co - founded Reading RESULTS, and lobbied MPs on behalf of Save the Children Fund, IFAD,  and other agencies. I want to use my experience now, not to try to influence MPs in Westminster from the sidelines, but to get into the House of Commons. Today, I don't want to take the Green agenda to my local MP  just to have him stick it among his other paperwork - Ii want to take it to the floor of the House of Commons, where it really belongs.

I am 53, and hold down a full time job with London Underground. It will not be easy for me to get out every single day and do all the stuff that the incumbent MP can do, but I do intend to put up as  good a fight as I can - for the Green Party, for the people of Romford, and the people of Great Britain.

I hope that some people reading this will be willing and able to join me in what promises to be a historic campaign. I want to be part of it, and I hope you do too. Because this is the closest election for decades - perhaps of our generation. It will make history by admitting our first Green MPs, who will surely go on to change British politics like never before since the Labour Party came to power in the early years of the last century.. This is not some lost but gallant cause we are fighting for. This is a party and a philosophy whose time has come !
Environmental issues are the issues of the day,  a sustainable , eco - friendly economy is the future of British politics, and the Greens are the only party for whom these are not  'add ons' but are essentials!

 Those of us who took part in this historic struggle - who made the breakthrough and put those first Green MPs  into Westminster - they  will be proud to say in years to come - " Yes, I was there - I saw it happen, and I was one of those  who helped to make it happen!"

Take a look at my journal, if you want to get involved. I hope to be out and about whenever possible, delivering leaflets, handing out invites to Green events, talking to journalists and doing anything that needs doing to get across the Green message to  the voters I meet..
If you do not happen to be close to Romford , please go out and support your local Green candidate, wheerever in britain yo happen to be. If there is no Green candidate to vote for, see to it that all  your other candidates get the Green message.
Please, join me if you can. Let's build a better Britain and a  brighter future together.
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