Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in green_party_uk,
Kipling's Cat

A new workers co op - members wanted!

A friend of mine is into growing his own food - organically. He has also got a few neighbuors on board and wants to set up a workers co operative.

Now, we are the stage where we are looking to get the cash and buy some land - so if anyone wants to invest in an organic food producing workers co-op, this is where to start.

Send me an IM or e-mail, and I will post more details.
Apart from people willing to invest cash, we are also looking to find people who can add to our expertise in marketing, as well as people with know-how in legal and co-op mangement matters. naturally, we are looking to recruit people who share our ethos, rather than simply people who have cash and want to make a fast buck. That is why we I am posting here.

Me, I decided when I heard about this that it was something both green and ethical, so I have decided to put some of my money where my mouht was. To be the change that I want to see happen . The chap actually running the show is a member of this community as well as a UK Green Party member. I expect he will be along shortly to answer any questions in more detail.

Anyone who wants to take this further can contact me on IM in the first instance.
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