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Petition for a greener future :)

Hiya everyone, I thought many of you would be interested in this petition lodged with parliament, I've been trying to encourage others to sign as I think it's worth supporting. It asks that public companies use post-consumer recycled paper instead of paper from trees
It can be found here:
hope this takes your interest, the full text is as follows:
Adopting a policy whereby all paper used by public companies is post-consumer recycled paper from British sources would: 1) Create an untold number of jobs domestically in the recycling industry. 2) At little inconvenience make a huge leap towards the enironmental sustainability of our county. 3) Be a milestone that made headlines, paving the way for other nations to follow. 4) Set a good example for children in schools, public sector employees, private corporations and other nations. 5) Protect our fragile environment and wildlife, as well as yielding many other benefits.
The current system of take/make/throw away is doing the world little good, destroying the life of humans and animals alike. Cutting down trees to make paper when there are better alternatives results in a reduction in the quality of our air. Sustainable forrests dry the land, robbing it of resources and preventing it from sustaining life therefore they are not an apt solution, neither are many of the recycling processes which use bleach or chlorine, and so it is post-consumer recycled paper (preferably from British sources) which is prescribed to deal with this problem.
If you know any hippies, greenies or other people who might be interested you can always forward the link along,
Cheers! :-)

(You can find the Campaign for Integrated Sustainability organisation, who started the petition at
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